Contracts/Transactional Contracts

As a functioning business or entrepreneur, you will create, interpret and/or enter into various contracts on a regular basis. You may enter into contracts with sellers, buyers, partners, employees or independent contractors. Regardless of a contract’s nature or purpose, you always want to be sure that your interests are accurately represented and protected. To ensure that every contract meets these requirements, you need the help of a qualified contracts lawyer.

Hiring a Dallas Contracts Lawyer

The contracts lawyer you hire should be skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in contracts law. Here at Boss Law, we have extensive experience in reviewing, preparing and negotiating all types of contracts.

Attorney Steven S Boss has worked on countless contracts in the past for clients just like you, and he is the type of attorney who can get a transaction done, rather than standing in the way of its successful completion. Even if the parties involved are having trouble reaching an agreement, Attorney Boss is able to analyze each party’s interests, find the common ground and draft a contract that is satisfactory to both sides.

Transactional Contracts

Although Boss Law can help with all types of contracts, we specialize in transactional contracts, which are contracts dealing with monetary exchanges between two parties, such as a buyers and sellers or partners or joint venturers. We can draft contracts that define your relationships accurately, protect your interests and ensure that every transaction is as beneficial as possible to your company.

If you need help drafting, interpreting or negotiating a contract, contact Boss Law to learn more about our services. We are currently serving clients in the Dallas, Texas area and statewide. We look forward to hearing from you!