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Contracting coronavirus involves a much different scenario than that contemplated in many standard Advance Directives, Living Wills, Do Not Resuscitate Orders and other healthcare related documents (especially those found online). Before coronavirus, most people have in mind an extended period in a hospital connected to an array of tubes, being artificially kept alive. As a consequence, many of these documents may contain language that could be completely contrary to your wishes should you be diagnosed with the coronavirus. For example, some of these documents may prohibit intubation under all circumstances, including intubation for a short period of time to survive coronavirus. You should be especially certain that you, and older loved ones, or loved ones with chronic or other conditions, have not signed documents that would deny the care actually desired in the current circumstances.

As a service to the community, Boss Law is offering a FREE review of your estate planning documents related to healthcare (i.e. Advance Directive or Living Will or the equivalent). In addition, Boss Law will provide an up to date replacement document, if you wish, that reflects your current wishes with knowledge of the coronavirus situation; provided you agree to schedule a complimentary Family Wealth Planning Session with Boss Law where we will analyze what would happen to you and your assets should you die or become incapacitated. At the end of this session you can decide if you want Boss Law to develop an entirely new plan reflecting your current wishes and receive a $250 discount on any Boss Law plan you select. During the current situation with coronavirus, this can be done online. For details and to take advantage of this offer, please contact Boss Law at (214) 382-3342.