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You know you need a will, but is that really all you need?

What you do need for the people you love, how to get it done (or updated) easily, and how much it will cost.

What to expect in the Webinar:

  • The most important legal steps you can take right now for your family, including what you can do yourself, what you want to have a lawyer to do, and how to prioritize so you know what to do first.
  • ​3 conversation starters to help you discuss these matters with family members, especially if they are resistant or have been totally unwilling to discuss these matters in the past.
  • How to create an inventory of everything you own, where it is and how to access it for the people you love. Whether you have an estate plan or not, it’s like you do not have an updated and comprehensive inventory of what matters most to you for the people you love. Take an hour and get this done.
Free for you + Everyone you love, from the privacy of your home

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